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05 Jun, 2012 :: Hank Solo Performance/CD Release Celebration 6.23.12

18 Apr, 2012 :: Purchase Hank’s new CD “Everything is Alive”, released on April 10th 2012

Hank Roberts’s latest CD was recently released on April 10th in the US.  Read about it, and see European reviews below.

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With 10 CD’s on the highly-acclaimed Munich based ‘Winter and Winter’ label, Hank Roberts’s latest recording ‘Everything is Alive’ (W&W 910 174-2) is now available in Europe and has a US release date of April 10th, 2012. It’s available at www.hankrobertsmusic.com and in shops that carry CD’s (US distribution is ‘Allegro Music’). Recorded ‘live-to-two track’ by legendary engineer Ron St Germaine at Sear Sound Studios in New York City, it features Hank’s compositions and a quartet of prestigious musician friends: Hank Roberts on cello, Bill Frisell on Guitar, Jerome Harris on acoustic bass guitar, and Kenny Wollesen on drums and percussion.

European Press for Hank’s recent recording, “Everything is Alive”:

Nürnberger Zeitung:  the American cellist [Hank Roberts] dares to present magical musical field tests, which sound as delicate as a moribund musical box or intoxicating emotional like a pop song. Grumpy, but yes, ingenious.“       January 10, 2012

Südkurier: “From the beginning this music opens the horizon. […] Since the 80s Hank Roberts has achieved for his instrument […] a completely new position that he keeps on strengthening. Genre limits are too narrow for him, important is his own fusion of elements, which are brought together in an improvisational way…

Music full of air, lightness and delight in playing, characterized by listening and reacting to each other, sustained by a natural sound and elevating the listener to comforting spheres.”            January 13, 2012

Freejazz-Stef.Blogspot.com (USA): “Roberts’s compositions with their masterful folk-like breath of whimsy come to life…    January 18, 2012

Stuttgarter Zeitung: “… a splendid quartet recording that steps out into the vast field of folk, jazz and chamber music besides all thinkable intermediate regions and sub genres… sound journey develops so coherent and at the same time diversified like a highly concentrated live improvisation.    December 20, 2011

Jazzthing: “…urban folk and sublimed blues, and a bit of vaudeville and collage…  …could hardly be explained.      “February/March 2012

Hank’s album ‘Green’ (featuring touring partners Jim Black and Marc Ducret) won the 2008 German Recording Critics’ Award in the Jazz category.

“There’s a wisdom and patience and catholicity in this record (‘Green’). ‘It’s all one song,’ goes the hip musician’s cliché, but Mr. Roberts walks that walk.” —    Ben Ratliff, NY Times

18 Apr, 2012 :: Hank Roberts Band to Tour the US east coast in Fall 2012

Hank Roberts, Kenny Wollesen, Jakob Bro, Luke Bergman

Booking info:


Dog and Pony Industries
25 Storey Ave # 338
Newburyport, MA 01950 USA
Tel: +603 379 6602
Fax: +603 388 1108

About the group:

Cellist Hank Roberts has organized a group of four internationally acclaimed improviser/collaborators, including Jakob Bro on guitar, Luke Bergman on bass, and Kenny Wollesen on drums.

“I am inspired by each of these players. ‘Reflecting on the unique and exceptional expression and artistry that each of them offers makes me excited to expand on the highly diverse sonic, lyrical and rhythmic potential for the group.”  Hank Roberts March 2012

Bassist Luke Bergman, one of Seattle and the Northwest area’s integral creative musicians, has garnered critical acclaim on a national and international level for his work with Heatwarmer, Speak, Thousands, and The Cuong Vu Group.  He’s also involved with several Seattle-area organizations that actively promote a wide range of highly innovative performance and recording work.

Danish guitarist Jakob Bro first came in to international recognition as a member of Paul Motian’s Bebob Band In 2002.  His recent musical collaborations include Paul Motian, Lee Konitz, Bill Frisell, Joe lovano, Tom Harrel and Tomasz Stanko.  He’s received four Danish Music Awards, including best Crossover and best Jazz Album of The Year.

Drummer Kenny Wollesen lives in New York City. He has recorded and toured with

many musicians including Tom WaitsSean LennonRon SexsmithBill FrisellNorah JonesSteven Bernstein and John Zorn. He is a founding member of the New Klezmer Trio and a member of the Sex Mob group. He also performs on popular children’s show ‘The Backyardigans’.

12 Apr, 2012 :: Hank’s Bio

Even in a parallel universe where jazz cellists are as common as tenor madmen and trumpet-blowing boppers, Hank Roberts would be utterly unique. Over his nearly four-decade career, Roberts has forged a compelling original voice on the cello, encompassing abstract improvisation and soulful folk melodies, intricate new-music compositions and vigorous rock songs.

Roberts’ latest CD, Everything Is Alive, features three long-time compatriots: guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Jerome Harris, and drummer Kenny Wollesen. The 2012 Winter & Winter release continues the cellist’s relationship with producer Stefan Winter, which stretches back through the bulk of Robert’s discography. The album’s ten original compositions speak with a direct voice inflected with roots, rock and funk accents.

Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, Roberts studied at Berklee and made his name on the legendary Downtown scene in 1980s New York. Faced with a dearth of mentors or peers on his instrument, he carved his own path through that fertile ground alongside such frequent collaborators as Bill Frisell, Tim Berne, Marc Ribot and John Zorn, finding a second home at the famed Knitting Factory. Like those fellow innovators, Roberts is equally at home in grand concert halls or dingy rock clubs, covering a wide swath of modern music.

The list of names with whom Roberts has shared stages or studios is staggering, including members of U2, Gavin Friday, Sting, Joel Grey, David Sanborn, Lydia Lunch, Mamadou Diabate, Andy Summers, Pat Metheny, Flo and Eddie, Gary Burton, Shane McGowan, and Julius Hemphill.

As a child, Roberts studied several different instruments and dreamed of one day becoming “a rock and blues guitar player, a jazz trombonist, and a classical cellist.” He has achieved all three, but on a single instrument, expanding the capability and vocabulary of the cello to accommodate his restless and wide-ranging imagination. He often accompanies himself with wordless vocals, emphasizing the pristine lyricism of his writing, even in the most angular and abstract of settings.

He has recently assembled a new quartet with Wollesen, Danish guitarist Jakob Bro, and Seattle bassist Luke Bergman and leads a trio with pianist John Stetch and drummer Jim Black. His 2008 CD Green, with Black and French guitarist Marc Ducret, won that year’s German Recording Critics’ Award. He is also a member of the folk group Ti Ti Chickpea and the anti-voilence ensemble Wiggy Dog Boy, which features his son on guitar. His solo performances are singularly compelling and unpredictable, wending from jagged dissonance to intoxicating pop songcraft.

Roberts is currently a member of Frisell’s 858 Quartet alongside violist Eyvind Kang and violinist Jenny Scheinman, and appeared on the guitarist’s Grammy-winning 2004 release Unspeakable. He also recently performed with the expanded eight-piece version of that group at Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory, accompanying a reading of Allen Ginsberg’s “Kaddish” read by Hal Willner and Chloe Webb  with music composed by Frisell, whose collaboration and friendship with Roberts dates back to 1975.

He recently also reunited with saxophonist Tim Berne in the quartet Buffalo Collision, also featuring pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer Dave King of The Bad Plus. Roberts and Berne began working together in the late eighties and formed the trio Miniature with drummer Joey Baron. At the same time, he co-founded the Arcado String Trio with bassist Mark Dresser and violinist Mark Feldman; in 1992, each member of the trio wrote an orchestral piece for Arcado and Germany’s WDR Orchestra.

Based since 1989 in the more serene environs of Ithaca, New York, Roberts finds inspiration in the area’s thriving Americana and folk music scene, which threads into his own work in intriguing and surprising ways. He performs annually at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival, which spans a range of music from old-timey Americana to African and Cajun music. He’s shared that stage with artists such as Mamadou Diabate, Jeb Puryear, Keith Secola, Nery Arevalo, Martin Simpson, the Sim Redmond Band, John Brown’s Body, and Donna the Buffalo.

Roberts serves as a musical consultant for The Readers’ Theatre of Ithaca, for which he recently composed and performed a solo cello/voice score for a performance of Chekov’s “Uncle Vanya.” He also contributed arrangements and appears in the upcoming film Greetings From Tim Buckley, which will premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. The film, about the ill-fated father-and-son singer-songwriters Tim and Jeff Buckley, recreates a pivotal 1991 concert that Roberts performed with Jeff Buckley at St. Ann’s Church in Brooklyn.

In addition to his active performing career, Roberts has passed his knowledge on to new generations of creative musicians at educational institutions such as the Banff Center in Canada, Ithaca College, Cornell University and others.

08 Nov, 2010 :: Hank Roberts Solo Concert June 23rd, 2012

Hank will perform solo on June 23rd  at 8PM at The Carriage House Cafe 305 Stewart Ave Ithaca, NY.  He’ll be celebrating the release of his new CD, “Everything is Alive”.

Tickets; $15 Advance, $20 at the door

info: everythinghankroberts@yahoo.com

15 Aug, 2010 :: Hank Roberts Trio

Learn all about the Hank Roberts Trio, view videos and download the EPK. Click here!

09 Jul, 2008 :: Hank’s CD ‘Green’ is available

‘Green’, recorded on the Winter and Winter label, is now available. It features Hank on cello, guitar and vocals, Marc Ducret on guitar and Jim Black on drums and electronics. You’ll find it in your local music store, distributed in the U.S. through ‘Allegro Music’.  To purchase the CD from Funkyside.com go to:   http://www.funkyside.com/store/index.cfm/product/215/green.cfm 

New York Times review of ‘Green’  By BEN RATLIFFPublished: June 8, 2008 

Hank Roberts  ‘Green’

“the best moments shut down the distances among folk and rock and classical and a more ancient kind of song…

There’s a wisdom and patience and catholicity in this record. “It’s all one song,” goes the hip musician’s cliché, but Mr. Roberts walks that walk”.

for full review, go to: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/08/arts/music/08play.html?scp=1&sq=hank+roberts+green&st=nyt


 ‘All About Jazz’ review of ‘Green’

All About Jazz Review

By Mark F. Turner 

“outstanding release… environmental aura of expansive open plains, ruralesque backdrops, and majestic mountainscapes within a distinct, rustic and avant-garde music setting…

world class cellist who could easily excel in any music genre… 

From pastoral and somber moods to a 1960s LSD-laced trip on one track, the recording’s a blend of both the familiar and strange…

all pleasantly unpredictable, creating a listening environment that’s memorable and mysterious…

Roberts is in total command of his cello, able to produce multiple voicings— plucking, strumming, tapping and beautiful bowing. He also provides earthy vocal on a couple of tunes; such as “Trees,” a hard rocking piece…

Creativity is at the recording’s center and reaches its apex on “Lenape Suite”…

Lenape Suite…a sonic voyage that includes an aboriginal-like motif and lyrics, electronics colorization and a frenzied (yet awe inspiring) trio performance that’s unsettling yet hypnotic…

Green is uniquely captivating, haunting yet warmly assuasive and, true to Roberts’ form, not easily categorized. A wondrous journey for those who appreciate music of, literally, a different shade of green. 


For full review, go to: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?=29801


18 Jun, 2008 :: discography

Recordings (selected discography)

As a leader:

Hank Roberts  ‘Everything is Alive’ (with Bill Frisell, Jerome Harris and Kenny Wollesen) 2012 Winter & Winter – leader, cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Hank Roberts (with Marc Ducret and Jim Black)   ‘Green’                                                                            2008 Winter & Winter (Winner of the 2008 German Critics’ Award’ for CDs) – leader, cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Hank Roberts and Wiggy Dog Boy, The Truth and Reconciliation Show’   2002   Itown/HiPitch Records-

leader, cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Hank Roberts   ‘Long Walk’ 2000 Toad Blink Records – cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Hank Roberts TrioI’ll Always Remember’  1997 Level Green Records – leader, composer/arranger, cellist/vocalist

Hank Roberts  ’22 Years from Now’  1997 Level Green Records – solo CD – cellist, vocalist and composer

Hank Roberts  ‘From Somewhere Inside’  1995 Toad Blink Music – cellist, vocalist and composer

Hank Roberts  ‘Little Motor People’ 1993 JMT Records – cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Hank Roberts   ‘Birds of Prey’  1990 JMT Records – leader, cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Hank Roberts   ‘Black Pastels’ 1987 JMT Records – cellist/vocalist and composer/arranger

Collaborative Ensembles Recording Projects:

Miniature  ‘I Can’t Put My Finger On It’ 1991 JMT Records – composer/cellist

‘Miniature’ (with Tim Berne and Joey Baron) 1988 JMT Records – composer/cellist

Arcado String Trio’ (with Mark Feldman and Mark Dresser) 1989 JMT

For Three Strings and Orchestra’ (with the Cologne Radio Orchestra) 1992 JMT Records – composer/cellist

Arcado String Trio  ‘Behind the Myth’ 1990 JMT Records – composer/cellist

Arcado String Trio’  1989 JMT Records – composer/cellist

Buffalo Collision  ‘Duck’  (with Tim Berne, Ethan Iverson and Dave King) 2008 Screw Gun Records – composer/cellist

Tim Berne and Hank Roberts (duo)  ‘Cause and Reflect’ 1998 Level Green Records

Ti Ti Chickapea  ‘Change of Worlds’ (with Richie Stearns and Eric Aceto) 2002 Orchard Park Records

Kevin Kinsella with Ti Ti Chickapea ‘Firestick’ 2006 Itown Records

Recordings as a Sideman:

Bill Frisell Band  ‘Lookout for Hope’ 1988 ECM Records

Bill Frisell Band  ‘Before We Were Born’ 1989 Elektra Musician Records

Bill Frisell Band  ‘Where in the World?’ 1991 Nonesuch Records

Bill Frisell 858 Quartet  ‘Richter 858’  2004 Songlines

Bill Frisell  ‘Unspeakable Orchestra’ 2005 Nonesuch (won a Grammy Award)

Bill Frisell Unspeakable Orchestra  ‘History, Mystery’ 2006 Nonesuch (nominated for a Grammy Award)

Bill Frisell 858 Quartet  ‘Sign of Life’ 2010 Savoy

Bill Frisell Download Series – numbers 3, 7, and 10

Andy Summers  ‘Green Chimneys: The Music of Thelonius Monk’ 1999 BMG Classics

Andy Summers  ‘Peggy’s Blue Skylight’ 2000 BMG Classics

Marty Ehrlich’s Rites Quartet  ‘Frog Leg Logic’ 2011 Clean Feed Records

Tim Berne  ‘Fulton Street Maul’ 1987 Columbia Records

Tim Berne  ‘Sanctified Dreams’ 1988 Columbia Records

Tim Berne   ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’ 1989 JMT Records

Tim Berne  ‘Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill)’ 1993 JMT Records

Donald Rubinstein  ‘When She Kisses The Ship On His Arm’  2009  Bare Bones Records

Donald Rubinstein  ‘The Unused Score For Pollock’  2007 ‘Perseverance Records

Donald Rubinstein  ‘Martin’ 1977 Saraband / 1999 Level Green

Jeb Puryear  ‘Hopes and Dreams’  2007  Itown Records

Kevin Kinsella  ‘Great Design’  2011 Reachout International Records

Tiger Okoshi   ‘Color of Soil’  1998  JVC Records

Paul Elwood  ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Mountain Home’ 2011 Innova Records

Phil Haynes  ‘Free Country’  1999 Premonition Records

Phil Haynes  ‘Cowboy Diplomacy’ 2007 Premonition Records

Martin Simpson  ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ 1995 Thunderbird Records

Lisa Bigwood  ‘Intrepid’  2009   Mothersgirl Records

Seigon Ono  ‘Comme des Garçons’ 1988 Venture Records

Henry Kaiser ‘Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It’ 1988 SST Records

Alex Cline  ‘The Lamp and the Star’  1989 ECM Records

Gavin Friday  ‘You Take Away the Sun’ 1989 Island Records

Elliot Martin  ‘Black Castle’ 2001 Itown Records

Lori Carson  ‘Stand on Your Own’ 1990 Geffen Records

David Borden  ‘Places, Times, and People’ 1995 Cuneiform Records

Mary Lorson  ‘Saint Low’ 2000

Mary Lorson  ‘Tricks for Dawn’ 2002

Marilyn Crispell  ‘Santuario’  1993 Leo Records

Johnny Dowd  ‘Pictures from Life’s Other Side’ 1999 Munich Records

Joe Crookston  ‘Darkling and the Bluebird’ 2011 Malagrito Records

John Brown’s Body  ‘Preasure Points’  2004 Easy Star Records

Sim Redmond Band  ‘Good Thoughts’  2000 Itown Records

David Sanborn   ‘Inside’ (produced by Marcus Miller and featuring Sting) 1999 Elektra Musician

Carole Emanuel   ‘Tops of Trees’ 1995 Koch Jazz

Andy Laster   ‘Twirler’ 1991 Sound Aspects Records

Michael Mantler / Carla Bley   ’13 & 3/4’ 1975 Watt Works/Virgin