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I Love this beautiful Guitar. I purchased it new in 2013. I've been playing it around the house, and have taken it out to just a few gigs to play. It's in excellent shape, and sounds wonderful. The fantastic luthier Eric Aceto, from Ithaca String Instruments, installed an Anthem Pickup System in to it  (which combines a proprietary condenser microphone and an element pickup). https://www.lrbaggs.com/pickups/anthem-acoustic-guitar-pickup-and-microphone

It fell once and received a small dent on the lower bout. Eric fixed it, and it's barely noticeable.

It comes with the standard sturdy hard case, a practically new black leather shoulder strap, and an extra set of strings. $2000 + shipping

Premier Guitar.JPG

Premier 12 string fretless guitar

I bought this guitar around 1970. It felt like a dream-come-true when I was finally able to purchase it. This is the instrument that I learned just about most of what I know about the guitar. As a teenager, I would sit on the front porch of my house and play and sing blues influenced songs until 4 in the morning in the summer, alternating playing with walking around the neighborhood with my dog, Ingrid.  In 1989 it was professionally converted to a fretless instrument. It's currently outfitted with 6 strings, and is in great shape. Price: $100 + shipping

Premier was started by Peter Sorkin Music Company in Manhattan, New York City, Began in Philadelphia and relocating to New York in 1935. Brands offered by Premier included Premier, Multivox, Marvel, Belltone and Strad-O-Lin. [Source Vintage Guitar Price Guide]



ukeleles, Guitar in need of repair

Some of these instruments I thought that someday I would repair, and some are instruments that came from my Mom, so they have sentimental value for me. 

The baritone Ukulele in the middle of the pic just needs a simple glue and clamping o n the top.  The guitar has an interesting story.  It's a 12 string classical guitar. Made in Mexico, it seems to be a guitar that might have been purchased in a tourist shop. I bought it around 1982 at a garage sale in my old home-town Terre Haute, Indiana. I enjoyed the sound of it (12 nylon strings all in different colors), and it was my only guitar for years.  I played it on my 'Black Pastels' record in 1987 with the original strings on it. Because it doesn't have much bracing on the inside, the bridge started to pull up, and so I took it apart, regaled it in a few places, and inserted a dowel rod to prop up the dip that the pulled bridge was creating. I never finished putting it together. ('all a creative cob-job done with good intentions.) I have all of the mechanisms for the tuners. The dip on the top is better, even though the dowel rod (soundpost) is flopping around on the inside of the instrument (could easily be set up again, if wanted). 

The ukulele-type instrument on the left of the group shot, is pictured to give a close-up view. If you're interested in refurbing an instrument, this would be a fun one to do.  It's beautiful. Some of the missing perfurling edging is floating around inside the instrument.

Price: cheap/best offer


1964 Turquoise Silvertone Guitar- $500 + shipping

Silvertone Turquoise Gtr.JPG

richter 858 art table top book

This is particularly beautiful art book with a wonderful project connected with it. The aluminum cover is a thematic addition because these set of 8 paintings (exquisitely copied in the book) were done on aluminum. Bill Frisell wrote 8 pieces to go with the 8 paintings. These were recorded with Bill, Jenny Scheinman, Eyvind Kang and me, and included as a disc in the book.  Price $275 + shipping (I'll sign it somewhere, if  you like.)

Here's a description that I found online about the book:



Gerhard Richter's abstractions are profound and beautiful, though perplexing. After all these years, they still present a curious challenge: what, exactly, are they? RICHTER 858 explores this question by focusing on one suite of extraordinary pictures painted in 1999, soon after his return to work after a silence caused by a stroke. Both investigation and celebration, this book brings together image, music and text in a uniquely compelling way: contributors include the great guitarist and composer Bill Frisell, two sharp-eyed critics, and a baker's dozen of prominent, award-winning poets. Housed in an aluminum slipcase, this lavish, oversized volume features the largest, most sumptuous, and most accurate reproductions of any Richter work. The eight paintings of the suite are shown at more than half-scale, and also, quite untraditionally, presented unbound on heavy paper in a pocket at the back of the book--allowing readers to mix, match, and re-present the work for themselves outside the confines of the printed volume. Forty details from the paintings are also reproduced in large-format, accompanied by the poems and texts. These brilliant passages--rich in incident and intervention, and ranging from the coolly sublime to the loudly riotous--make fascinating pictures in their own right. Additionally, a double gatefold opens to show all eight paintings in panoramic view. In essence, RICHTER 858 presents an elegant, if raucous, meeting ground for our most important contemporary artist and a diverse chorus of American music, poetry, and criticism.



Product details

·       Hardcover: 120 pages

·       Publisher: The Shifting Foundation/SFMOMA; Pck edition (October 15, 2002)

·       Language: English

·       ISBN-10: 0971861005

·       ISBN-13: 978-0971861008

·       Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 13.8 x 19.6 inches

·       Shipping Weight: 9.1 pounds











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